As summer draws to a close, mornings grow mistier, jumpers replace flowery dresses, and the pumpkin patch grows increasingly orange, there is only one thing on all our minds: Christmas!

Yes, I know it’s only October, but who can resist daydreaming of sipping frothy mochas, wrapped in knitted blankets, around a crackling fireplace. Christmas is so much more than just an excuse to eat outrageous amounts of food and listen to painfully catchy tunes – it is a time of togetherness, of sharing joy, and comfort, and love.

This year we want to bring you something that captures all that familiar warmth and fuzziness of Christmas. Enter, the Uncharted Grounds “Hug in a Mug”!


The HUg

As anyone who has visited our little roaster will know – we’re a little obsessed with our beans. After all, we spend multiple hours a day sorting, roasting, cupping, adapting the recipe, roasting again, sorting again, snacking a bean (or two, or three) and noting down every detail of its profile, appearance and personality (don’t be silly – of course they have individual personalities!).

Photo by Rodrigo Flores on Unsplash

These unique characteristics have developed over centuries of cultivation and nurturing at the hands of hard-working coffee farmers all over. Just as we do here in Kandern, these farmers and workers pick, sort and process their beans by hand, so each bean that reaches our roastery carries with it the pride and honour of its origin.

The coffee we get to serve you at Uncharted Grounds has passed through hands of individuals you will never meet. Individuals who, just like you and me, also treasure those times of togetherness, comfort and joy – whether under the name of Christmas or not. And that is what truly makes coffee a universal labour of love.

The Mug

Coffee Mugs. Funny things, aren’t they? There’s a bajillion of them in the world, but still you have that one favourite mug. Your mug. People might ask you What is it about that mug? And you might mumble something about the shape, or the size, the width of the rim, or its funky design of a cat playing the violin in a tuxedo – but in the end it just feels right.

Photo by L.D.I.A on Unsplash

Now we know we may not be able to replace your much loved don’t-touch-that-one-that’s-mine coffee mug: that would be absurd and borderline criminal. This Mug is exclusively designed to be your – or your favourite aunt who unfortunately can’t join you for Christmas this year – much needed Christmas Hug.

SeomraCre [@seomracre]. (2020, October 3) Instagram.

Amble along the Haupstrasse in Kandern, and you might just notice SaomreCré, an adorable little ceramic store owned by Corinna Smyth, an incredible artist as huggable as the mugs she creates. Her store is stocked to the ceiling with the finest artistry, from bowls to teapots to platters – one more elegant than the next. Like our coffee, each of Corinna’s embodies an aspect of her: the earthy tones sitting on shelves of natural wood, lit by a dim, warm light, transport you straight into the mystical woods of Celtic tales, from her native Ireland.


Ready to Assemble

The sets come packaged in boxes to ensure the protection of the contents. All components of the sets will be prepared in the box, ready to be assembled at their new home and popped under the Christmas tree.

The sets include:

1 x Christmassy “Tray” to hold all parts in place

1 x 250g bag of UG Beans of choice

1 x Handmade SaomreCré Ceramic Mug

1 x Mood-setting Christmas Candle

The “Hug in a Mug” is packaged and decorated by hand, and is free from plastic and cruelty-free. We believe that the spirit of Christmas extends love and support to our environment and nature, as well as our community.

DISCLAIMER: All the cups are handmade, resulting in slight variations in shape and style. These cups are dishwasher safe, but nonetheless should be handled with care. The “Hug in a Mug” will be available for purchase in-store and online. Please bear in mind that as the cups are handmade to order, any orders placed after the 20th October may not be available in time for Christmas!