About Us


Ancora gGmbH is a nonprofit company that exists to provide dignity and hope to displaced peoples while facilitating and strengthening community and relationships. In Germany, we seek to accomplish this through the development of sustainable initiatives serving displaced peoples in the areas of German language acquisition, sports and recreation, and vocational training and opportunities. In an effort to promote vocational training and employment opportunities, Ancora has opened the Uncharted Grounds Roastery, a small-scale coffee roasting production and training facility.


Coffee and the Local Market

Germany is the second largest consumer of coffee in the world. Currently, in the local region, fresh-roasted single-origin coffee is in short supply despite having numerous cafés, restaurants and hotels where coffee is served on a daily basis. With this in mind, Ancora has developed relationships with experts in the coffee industry to offer displaced peoples with training in coffee roasting and preparation, and, for those that have completed the necessary training, Ancora will provide an opportunity for employment to roast coffee for sale online and to cafés, restaurants and hotels throughout the EU.